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BIA Engineering is one of the UK's only integrated Instrumentation & Control providers. We are trusted to deliver integrated solutions on often highly complicated projects, by some of the UK's best known brands, across a range of sectors.


We work across a range of sectors, including:

Power, Pharma, Petrochemical, Oil & gas, Paper, Bio energy, Waste, Energy recovery


We offer an end to end turn key approach to projects

This integrated approach to ECI&M means that BIA is trusted to deliver cost-effective, robust, and, most importantly, reliable service. We are able to provide the full package to give you full peace of mind that the product will be exactly what you need.

We Believe in keeping your business moving

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How BIA differs from the competition

BIA engineering plays a crucial role in addressing organizational challenges by leveraging critical path analysis. Through our expertise, we identify and prioritize issues, ensuring a targeted approach to problem-solving. This meticulous process enables plants to react positively to changes, ultimately enhancing throughput and reliability. By partnering with us, companies can optimize their operations, leading to increased overall profits.

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We have worked with some of the UK's biggest brands

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BIA were happy to take on the full project to offer us a turn-key solution. Their proffessional approach and swift turn around times were invaluable.

W. Ralley

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