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Case Studies

Recycling center (Scotland)

The project consisted of substantial upgrades to the waste detection system.. 

The project was to redesign the way in the waste was detected to not only be more reliable in detecting waste but to keep it confined within the hopper system..

A new removable metal door with replaceable windows was designed and manufactured, along with a new instrument detection system. All work was carried out to BS7671 standards.

The system was commissioned to intergrate with the current DCS system & testing to ensure reliability and repeatability.

This project demonstrates BIA's expertise and versatility in managing complex scopes. Their adherence to safety and quality standards, combined with their collaborative approach to commissioning, delivered a successful project upgrade.

Energy recovery facility (East Scotland)

Waste grab control system. 

BIA successfully overhauled the problematic waste grab control system, addressing faults and breakdowns caused by insufficient failsafes. Their redesign covered all possible scenarios, significantly reducing the risk of catastrophic damage to larger mechanical components. The new control system allowed operators to diagnose faults visually through panel lights, minimizing unnecessary callouts for incorrect trades. Additionally, the modified system ensured that the grabs would cut out if issues recurred, providing a proactive approach to problem resolution. A thorough test rig was implemented before any modifications, ensuring a systematic trial and ironing out issues. Modifications were carried out one grab at a time, allowing for minor adjustments based on initial feedback. Continuous testing and development empowered the grabs to self-protect, reset issues autonomously, and communicate specific problems to operators in the control room, eliminating unnecessary entries into the waste bunker

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